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Selected Bibliography of Persian Music

Collected by Pejman Akbarzadeh, November 2003

Originally at:

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NOTE : "Persia" (La Perse, Das Persien) is the Western historical name of "Iran" (not to be mistaken with Iraq!). This name, from 6th century BC until a few decades ago was the official name of Iran. In spite of the fact that historical and cultural records of this country and its ancient civilization have been known and respected throughout the world by the name "Persia" in 1935 the then government of Persia, for certain political reasons, changed "Persia" to its native equivalent "Iran".
Still today some Persians and non-Persians are trying to reactivate the name "Persia" and to have it reinstated if possible on the international level.

For more information please read :

Akbarzadeh, Pejman. "Iran or Persia? Farsi or Persian?". Persian Heritage Magazine, Vol. 7, No. 28, Winter 2002.

Beigie, Amir-Rostam' "Broken ike" :

Motamedi, G. " Bring Back Persia" (It is not just about a name) :

Yarshater, Ehsan. "Communication". Iranian Studies,VOL. XXII, No.1, 1989.