Khayam’s International Day 17th of May

The caravan of life shall always pass
Beware that is fresh as sweet young grass
Let’s not worry about what tomorrow will amass

Fill my cup again, this night will pass, alas.

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Khayyam is one of great men of Iranian wisdom, literature, mathematics, theology and astronomy who is well known among English speakers of the world due to the translation of his poems by Fitz-Gerald in 1859.

Khayyam was born in1060 in Neishabour in the northeastern province of Khorasan, studying for a while there and then moving to Isfahan, Rei and Baghdad. However, he lived most of his life in his hometown, which was considered a scholarly center of the time.

He was a master in many sciences of his time, including philosophy, with ideas similar to those of Avicenna. He was also part of the preparation team of the Iranian calendar which was ordered by Malek Shah, the Seljouk King. The calendar is considered the most exact of the world, used as the base of the Iranian current calendar.

Another aspect of Khayyam’s works is his poetry, the translation of which by the English poet Fitz-Gerald in 1859 introduced him to the English literature and English speakers of the world.

Despite his reputation beyond the Iranian borders, talking of Khayyam and studying various aspects of his life is so hard that so far few Iranians have dared to get close to him, analyzing his ideas and life.