Moulana Jalaladin Balkhi

Moulana Jalaladin Balkhi was born on September 30 in 1207. It is interesting to read that Arabs call him Arabian Poet, Turks call him Turkish Poet; he was Iranian/Persian who happened to die on 17 December 1273 in Konya in present day Turkey.

Here are two samples of his poems:

Anha keh besar dar talabe ka’beh davidand
Chon aghebat-ol-amr bemaghsood residand
Raftand dar an khaneh keh binand Khoda ra
Besyar bejostand Khoda ra, va nadidand
Chon motakefe khaneh shodand az sare taklif
Nagah khatabi ham az an khaneh shenidand
Key khaneh parastan, cheh parastid gelo sang?
An khaneh parastid keh pakan talabidand


My dear friend
My dear friend
never lose hope
when the Beloved
sends you away.

If you’re abandoned
if you’re left hopeless
tomorrow for sure
you’ll be called again.

If the door is shut
right in your face
keep waiting with patience
don’t leave right away.

Seeing your patience
your love will soon
summon you with grace
raise you like a champion.

And if all the roads
end up in dead ends
you’ll be shown the secret paths
no one will comprehend.

The beloved I know
will give with no qualms
to a puny ant
the kingdom of Solomon.

My heart has journeyed
many times around the world
but has never found
and will never find
such a Beloved again.

ah I better keep silence
I know this endless love
will surely arrive
for you and you and you.