Mission Statement

The purpose of this site is to serve as a resource for people who are interested in preserving the heritage of Iran, including the arts, sciences, history, language, and ecology. This is the only site for this purpose and its success is dependent upon our members who live all over the world. Members and donors work together to preserve Iranian heritage and its natural resources.

A goal of this internet web site is to document the stolen properties which have been transferred to locations and museums in western countries. These archeological finds belong to Iran and its people. Other countries and citizens of the world value them, but Iranians deserve to keep them in Iran or in their own museums in Western countries. According to the UNESCO Convention of 1970, legal actions can be taken to return the stolen properties to Iran or Iranian museums elsewhere.
Another goal of this site is to raise the awareness of the public about Iran’s culture and natural resources by holding conferences and conducting research on important issues. Different interest groups have been established to gather materials and resources for all interested in research, education, cultural identity, and preservation of the environment in the region.

Membership Rules

Policy decisions at Iran Heritage will be determined by a majority vote of the board members. Those who do not respect this policy should join another organization. Membership will be terminated by the board for the following reasons:

1. A member uses profanity, attacks other members, or makes baseless lawsuits

2. A member undermines Iran Heritage, e.g., by threatening to sue an organization if it aired an interview with Iran Heritage.

3. A member undermines Iran Heritage’s mission by acting in a way that is directly contradictory to Iran Heritage’s by-laws, action plans or policy decisions.

4. Members should limit their e-mail to the discussion list (e.g., seven per week)

5. A member’s feelings/interpretations must not be used to personally attack Iran Heritage or its members.

6. Violation of the organization’s policies or rules, as determined by the Board members.

The board has authority to grant or revoke membership. The board controls the membership and the status of a member will be decided by the majority vote of the board members.

Neither the statements of individual members of this organization, nor of its Board, or its Advisory committee, shall bind the organization in any manner. A majority vote of its membership is required to bind this organization (and individual members shall have no authority to do so.)

Additional Rules (Effective November 30, 2006)

If there is an option regarding keeping a member, the Board will
consider that member’s contributions to our organizations and to our
Iranian community. If a person has written a book or published a
scholarly article and/or been interviewed by major TV or radio
programs, then s/he has more to say than those who abuse their right
to speak by making accusations.

In cases of disagreement, those members who have disagreements will be
moved to a special interest group e-mail list for that purpose. The
general list is to share and offer varying points views respectfully.
(Only if there are disagreements individuals will be moved to one of
these special interest groups.)

Any administrative issue, including requests to be added or to be
removed from an e-mail list, must be sent to the Board rather than to
the entire membership list.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Board Members