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Dear collegues

We have the honor to announce the publication of the second volume of the quarterly magazine

of “Iranian Studies” in Paris. This magazine, consists of:

-Lettrs from Paris, Tehran, Princeton (lettrs of Dr. Mohamad Moein in to Dr. Sadegh Goharin.

-A glance at Rezah Shah services (Newley fonded Documents)

-A viewe on Iranian Militaray Training in Qajar Peroid

-Incorrect Policy of Lord Curzen

-Inaugurataion of Frenceh Consulatae In Bushehr

-Malkam Khan and Impressionability from West

-Antoine Khan Sevrugin(Visual Records)

-Repport and events concerning Iran in P.R.O

-A Critique of Farah Pahlavi memoirs(1) ( Book Review)

-Documents of Ashraf Pahlavi (Newley fonded Documents)

-Documents of the Militaries coup d’état in Iran 1965(Newley fonded Documents)

-Documents of Hassan Ghoreyshi and Ardeshir Zahedi(1) (Newley fonded Documents)

This magazine, published in Persian, will be particularly focused on the modern Iran.

In case you are interested in contributing articles to the magazine or wishing further information about it,

please contact us at: or

With best wishes

Managing Director
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