Foreign interference in Iran

August 12, 2005

It seems that foreign interference with the aim of creating ethnic conflict in Iran is boldy increasing. Documents now appear to be surfacing that directly implicate London’s MI6 and British intelligence in fomenting unrest in Iran’s southwestern province of Khuzistan. Kindly read the following:


As you may know, there is an organization, originally funded and supported by Saddam Hussein called the Al-Ahwaz organization ( It is fascinating that this website has been remarkably improved and expanded in the last 6 months. Even more interesting is the recent linkage of this site to Kurdish, Azeri and Baluchi seperatist organizations. Mahmudali Chehregani (see his photo with pan-Turanian activists in Istanbul) did note after his Washington visit a few years ago that “we, the Turks of Iran will cooperate with the other nations of Iran such as Kurdistan, Arabistan and Baluchistan to free ourselves from Iran”.

There is in fact a detailed plan for Iran’s dismemberment which was first officially (and openly) proposed in 1979. Professor Bernard Lewis (see photo below left) first proposed in the Bilderberg conference of 1979 (see photo below right of one of its notices below), that the west (Britain in particular) should activley promote and sponsor seperatist movements within Iran by using Kurds, Khuzistani Arab speakers, Baluchis and Azerbaijanis to create small and weak mini-states: the objective is the dissolution of Iran.

In the new article cited for you early in this commentary you will note that the provocateurs of the Ahwaz riots were in fact professional operatives who had (and I quote): “attended training course for the rebellion which were conducted with the participation of English instructors.” In addition, the article states that the provocateurs are “…a group of professional rebels that have come from abroad of provoking the riots in the south of Iran.”

British Foreign policy has long pursued this objective (long before Bernard Lewis’ proposal). Note that prior evidence of suspicious British activity in Iran is evidenced by the 8 British military officers apprehended in Iran in June-July 2004 (see here being repatraited to Britain after their arrest)

These men were caught with detailed maps of Khuzistan as well as very complex spy gear such high tech cameras as well as satellite communicatons equipment (see sample photo below). The British Foreign Office stated rather unconvincingly that these gentlemen were simply conducting “patrol boat training on the Shatt-al Arab and simply strayed by mistake intro Iranian territorial waters“. It is also interesting that the British demanded that Iran return all of the equipoment it had seized from its operatives in Iran.

British Petroleum is also very active with Turkish and Israeli operatives aiming to create unrest in Iran’s northwest. Not to be outdone, Iran now has the added burden of having infiltrators coming into its Kurdestan province from northern Iraq, not to mention operatives from Pakistan from the southeast.

It is very important to take note of the highly manipulated and artificial nature of the so-called “ethnic unrests” taking place in Iran today. The multinational/geopolitical forces who are manipulating these events have no concern for the welfare of Iran’s Kurds, Azeris, Baluchis or Arabs; they are viewed as pawns in the quest for Iran’s dissolution and (ultimately) the elimination of Persia’s legacy, as noted so eloquently by Professor Bernard Lewis in 1979.

Kaveh Farrokh