Week of Ferdowsi

Week of Ferdowsi

Proclamation: in Persian
Week of Ferdowsi: by Ehsan Yarshater
WHEREAS language is the foremost measure of identity among nations and communities,

WHEREAS language is also the medium of literature and, thereby, the vehicle of a people’s thoughts and sentiments,

WHEREAS literature is one of the most important aspects of any civilization,

WHEREAS Persian literature has made splendid contributions to world literature,

WHEREAS Persian literature is cherished by Iranians and all Persianate societies of Afghanistan and Tajikistan including those of Central Asia.

WHEREAS the Shahnameh (The Epic of Kings) composed in the 10th century by the eminent poet Ferdowsi is the greatest monument of the Persian language and the most enduring pillar of Persian identity,

WHEREAS research has shown that in all probability, third of January* is the birthday of Ferdowsi,

THEREFORE We take the initiative of proclaiming the first week of January of each year “The Week of Ferdowsi” with the beginning of the third millennium.

Jalal Khaleghi-Motlagh, Ph.D
Hamburg Univ. Professor
Author and Shahnameh Editor
Mahmood Omidsalar, Ph.D
California State University, L.A
Shahnameh coeditor

Shapour Shahbazi, Ph.D
Oregon Univ. Professor
Author of Ferdowsi’s Biography

G.Reza Afkhami, Ph.D
Foundation for Iranian Studies
Board of Directors Hormoz Hekmat, Ph.D
Iran Nameh Managing Editor
Bethesda, MD

Khanak Eshghi-Sanati, Ph.D
Editor, Author

Hasan Shahbaz, Ph.D
Rahavard Publisher & Editor
Los Angeles, CA

Ezi Yermian, Ph.D
ISPAND Publisher & Editor
Philadelphia, PA Rostam Zartoshty
Shahnameh Foundation, Canada
Founder & Coordinator

* Dr. Shahbazi: Iranshenasi v.2 n.2 p370
Professor Ehsan Yarshater (Columbia University) approved the above Proclamation on 24-Dec-2000 per recommendation of
Dr. Jalal Matini (Ferdowsi University) upon the request of Ferdowsi Foundation’s Director.