English words of Persian Origin

Some people think that Navy comes from Nav, the Persian word for Ship, but that is not documented. The following words
are verified with Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Arsenic: From Persian Zarnig
Attar: From Persian Atr (perfume)
Azure: From Persian Lajavard
Bazaar: From Persian Bazar
Bezoar: From Persian pAd-zahr
Borax: From Persian burah
Bulbul: From Persian Bulbul the bird
Caravan: From Persian Karevan
Check: From Persian “King”
Checkmate: From Persian King is dead or unable to escape
Cummerbund: From Persian, from kamar (waist) + band (band — band, bandanah… are shared in English, Persian and Sanskrit)
Dervish: From Persian Darvish
Firm: from farmaan (Dr. Saha in his book “Effects of Persia on Spain” claims that ‘firmar’ in Spanish comes from Persian farmaan)
God: Anglo-Saxon God; German Gott; akin to Persian khoda
Jackal: From Persian Shoghal
Jasmine: From Persian Yasmin, the name of a climbing plant with fragrant flowers.
Julep: From Persian Gulab.
Kabob: From Persian Kabab
Khaki: From Persian Khak
Kiosk: From Persian Kushk (pavilion)
Lilac: From Persian Nilak (bluish)
Lemon: From the world Limon
Magic: From Persian Magus (Sorcerer)
Mogul: From Persian Moghul (referring to Mongolians)
Musk: From Persian Musk (perfume, perhaps nafeh-e-aahooye-khotan)
Orange: From the word Naranj which may be Persian or Arabic
Pajamas: From Persian pA (leg) + jAma (garment)
Paradise: From Greek paradeisos, literally, enclosed park, of Iranian origin (walled garden)
Peach: From Latin (malum) persicum, literally, Persian fruit
Pilaf: From Persian Pilav (modern Parsi speakers say Pillaw or Polo)
Pistachio: From Persian pistah
Rook: From Persian Rukh (chess piece)
Serendipity: From its possession by the heroes of the Persian fairy tale The Three Princes of Serendip
Saffron: from Zafaraan
Shah: From Persian Shah
Shawl: From Persian Shal
Spinach: From Persian Esfenaj
Sugar: from Shekar
Tambourine: From Tambour which comes from Persian Tabir (tabl)
Tiara: Royal Persian Headdress
Turban: From Persian Dulband
Zirconium: The word Zircon comes from Persian zarg√Ľn (literally “gold color”).