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In October of 2000 (Aaban 1379), we came together and signed a letter to voice our concerns about Iranian historical heritage. Because of a great of amount of interest, we decided to create a web site. (This web site was launched on first day of Farvardin 1380: Iranian New Year)

Some combination of Iranian or Iran and Heritage words received the majority of votes: (some 56% of the individuals voted by the announced deadline of December 4, 2000). Some combination of Persian or Persia and Heritage words attracted total of 27% of the votes. The remaining site names received votes ranging from 2 to 8%.

In view of the wishes of the majority for Iran and Heritage word combinations, was selected. (Both and were taken).

We asked several people to serve on the board. We plan to expand the board membership, because this site belongs to all who care about Iran and Iranian historical contributions to the world. This is a voluntary effort.

Because we cannot reach all the Iranians throughout the world; we ask you to share this site with those who care about Iranian historical contributions to the world. Thank you.

Board Members.

For further information, please contact the board members individually or