Iran Heritage Organization
Why are we here?

The purpose of this site is to serve as a resource for people who are interested in preserving the heritage of Iran, including the arts, sciences, history, language, and ecology. Its success is dependent upon our members and non-members
who live all over the world. Members and non-members work together to preserve Iranian heritage and its environment including its natural resources and all the creatures in it.

A goal of this Internet website is to document the stolen properties which have been transferred to locations and museums in western countries. These archeological finds belong to Iran and its people. Other countries and citizens of the world value them, but Iranians deserve to keep them in Iran or in Iranian owned museums in other countries. According to the UNESCO Convention of 1970, legal actions can be taken to return the stolen properties to Iran or Iranian museums elsewhere.

Another goal of this site is to raise the awareness of the public about Iran’s culture and natural resources by holding conferences and conducting research on important issues. Different interest groups have been established to gather materials and resources for all interested in research, education, cultural identity, and preservation of the environment in the region.


“Vatan Yaeni”, by poet Mr. Alireza Shojapour


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